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Give your coffee a jump start.

We’ll be releasing several sets of quick tips to help you improve your brewing methods and the overall quality of your coffee.

01 | Use filtered or mineral water.

Tap water can contain chlorine, lead or lime (which negatively affect flavor), and distilled water is stripped of all minerals (which actually help to extract the coffee). Use filtered or mineral water for best results.

02 | Fresher is always better.

That’s why we roast the day before delivery. We recommend that you buy only what you’ll use within 2-4 weeks for maximum freshness

03 | Keep your coffee dark, cool and dry.

Light, heat and moisture are coffee’s worst enemies. Keep your beans sealed airtight in a pantry or cupboard.

04 | Never put coffee in the fridge.

Coffee is porous, and will quickly absorb any moisture (or food smells) in the air. The dampness of the fridge will result in a quick demise of coffee’s freshness.

Stay tuned for more tips! Have any questions, or helpful suggestions for your own? Leave a comment below, or send us a quick note.

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