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Give your coffee a jump start.

We have another fresh batch of quick tips to help you improve your brewing methods and the overall quality of your coffee! (Click here for tips 05-08, and here for tips 01-04.)

09 | Find the best coffee-to-water ratio.

A good rule of thumb is to use twice the amount of grams for every fluid ounce of water. So, for a 16 oz cup of coffee, use 32 g of coffee. Adjust to your tastes.

10 | Coffee warmers? More like coffee burners.

Does your brewer have a hot plate to keep coffee warm? Turn it off! Those plates are actually burning your coffee, slowly. Prolonged heat will make your coffee taste sour and old. Brew only what you’ll drink while it’s hot.

11 | Know the proper grind setting for your brewer.

Standard drips are like very rough sand. Press pots need a much coarser setting, while stovetop espresso makers should be almost as fine as powder.

12 | Invest in a burr grinder.

Blade-based grinders produce an inconsistent grind, as well as scorch the beans. Burr grinders grind the beans evenly, without harming them in the process. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

Stay tuned for more tips! Have any questions, or helpful suggestions for your own? Leave a comment below, or send us a quick note.

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