Quick Tips | 13-16


Give your coffee a jump start.

We have another fresh batch of quick tips to help you improve your brewing methods and the overall quality of your coffee!

(For more coffee guides and advice, keep your keen eye on our brewing tips page here.)

13 | The greener the bean, the more the caffeine.

Light roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts, because some caffeine gets roasted out in the process. That said, even the darkest roasts still have more caffeine than teas.

14 | Kickstart your compost bin with coffee.

Coffee grounds are a good source for nitrogen and will help speed up the composting process. And for vermicomposters, coffee is a preferred food source for earthworms.

15 | Use a timer for press pot coffee.

We love our french press, but we hate when we forget to push the plunger on time. Aim for 4 minutes; wait too much longer and your coffee will become over-extracted and bitter.

16 | Keep a coffee journal.

Love a coffee in particular? Write down what you liked about it and save it for reference. It will help you develop your coffee palette, as well as track your favorite brews.

Stay tuned for more tips! Have any questions, or helpful suggestions for your own? Leave a comment below, or send us a quick note.