Quality Control Blog, 1/28/15


Welcome to the new True Stone Coffee Quality control blog, where we can keep you posted on nerdy stuff we’re up to every week to keep our coffee awesome and occasionally, hopefully, make it better. It’s a tedious, often boring process – for the outsider, anyway. we actually love it. – so I’ll try to stick to the highlights.

Its harvest season in Central America! Among some other, less stellar options, we cupped new Colombian lots from Cafe Imports last Friday. As often happens, the evaluators (Cool Juice Mike, Roaster-J, T-sac, T-blossom, J-Bo and Bruce) were split evenly on the two standout samples from the Hulia Region – one from El Pital and another from Timana – so we decided to pick up a bag of both and try them out in production roasts this week. More to come on these guys.

Its week 2 of our intensive light roast production evaluation. Everyone seemed to love the modifications our roaster recently made to his Ethiopian Yirgacheffe roast curve, which now boasts a more tart, winey acidity and notes of walnut, malt, and hearty dark berries, leading to an average rating of 87.9.

Everyone except for me, that is, as I much preferred the fullness and bold earthy fruits in our Colombian Cauca, rating it 88.5 and even better as it cooled. Results inconclusive so far, I guess. But suffice it to say our full-city selections can please a variety of palates.

We’ve got some real exciting stuff coming in the next few months. I cant tell you about it just yet, but I’ve given it the code name TSCP2.0, so feel free to make all the guesses you want.

Until next time. Drink on.