How to change a group gasket!

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Group gaskets sit up in the grouphead of your espresso machine, creating a watertight seal with the inserted portafilter basket. Heat, moisture, calcium and coffee buildup will wear out the rubber over time, and its recommended they be changed once every three months. We’re happy to help. But if you’d like to try swapping one yourself, follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Remove the dispersion screen from your machine. Careful, it might be hot!

2. Use angled metal pick or awl to pull the gasket down from the grouphead, taking care not to scratch the metal parts of the group. If the gasket is calcified or corroded, it may break off in parts.

3. Use a gasket brush or other soft tool to scrape any remaining gasket parts out of the grouphead.

4. Pay attention to the way the old gasket sat in the grouphead and orient the new one accordingly. Place a small amount of food safe petrol gel or lubrication on the top and side of the gasket (optional). Using your fingers and a towel for protection, push the new gasket into place as far as possible.

5. Insert the portafilter handle and twist tightly to secure it in place. 

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