Fair Prices for Colombian Farmers

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The Gran Galope Project

You may have come across our signature Colombian coffees at some of the Twin Cities’ best breakfast joints, like St. Paul’s Colossal Cafe or at Hazel’s in NE Minneapolis. In terms of volume, coffees from Colombia are our best sellers, pushing just over 70,000 lbs a year! However, in today’s historically low C market, sourcing this much high-quality coffee at fair and equitable prices can be a huge logistical challenge.

Fortunately, our friends and colleagues at Cafe Imports are seasoned experts in these sorts of issues, and pointed us toward a project developed by their long-time Colombian exporting partners, Banexport.

Banexport’s Gran Galope project is a huge step forward for small coffee producers – providing a way for those who produce a small amount of high quality coffee to receive a much more reasonable price for their crop.

Most independent farmers in Cauca and Huila, the two largest specialty regions in Colombia, average 50 bags of parchment coffee each harvest. Although many of these lots will produce excellent quality with careful roast profiling, they often cannot achieve the “microlot” scores (88-90 points) required to sell them as standalone coffees.

Before Gran Galope, these farmers would often be forced sell at the posted street price, barely enough to break even, if at all. Because of large contracts like ours, Banexport is able to pay a higher premium to smallholders who achieve a minimum cup score and group them together to be exported to the United States. In fact, we often find 86-87 point coffees that would have otherwise completely slipped through the cracks!

We are beyond proud to partner with Cafe Imports and Banexport to offer our Colombian coffees year-round, especially when we can be sure that the producers we rely upon are able to see fair pay for their hard work.

If you’re still hungry for more, go check the project out at Cafe Imports’ website!

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