Recyclable Coffee Packaging- Finally!

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To coincide with the recent redesign of our Savor Brands coffee bags, we are proud to introduce a brand new bag recycling program! You may have noticed the short message on the side of your coffee bag- “This bag recycles!”

Its for real! Through a partnership with Savor Brands and TerraCycle, we developed a system to recycle your used coffee bags via the TerraCycle Zero-Waste Box.

The program is simple: buy a bag, brew the coffee, save the empty, and return it to us. From there, we’ll send a bulk shipment to TerraCycle, who will manually separate all its components into recyclable parts!

There are many ways you can return it to us. You can bring the empty 12oz, 2lb, or 5lb bag directly to our facility in St Paul’s midway, or you can return it to the retailer who sold you the bag. (We’ve included a map of all of our retail partners who can accept your empty bags- just choose whichever is most convenient for you!)

For our out-of-town friends who purchase online, we have provided the option to add a return shipping label for free with the purchase of 10 bags of coffee. This is available even if all 10 bags are not purchased at once, as long as all 10 bags are returned to us. Just let us know when you’d like us to include the shipping label.

Sustainability is one of our core values, and thanks to this program we can now extend those principles through more of our supply chain than ever before!

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