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Proudly Saint Paul

 True Stone was founded by Bruce and Charlene Olson in 2003. Originally conceived as a small cafe on Cleveland Ave, we now operate a full-scale roasting facility, bottling line and SCA-accredited training lab four miles away in a converted canning factory on Prior Avenue. We’ve always taken great pride in our Twin Cities roots. And with the help of our sister city, Minneapolis, we have the privilege of living in one of the richest communities of coffee purveyors anywhere in the world. We’re proud to be a part of that, too.


Expert sourcing

Our green-buying team sources exclusively from the world’s finest small farms and cooperatives, allowing us to trace varietals, processing methods, labor conditions and unique ecological characteristics of every coffee we sell. We drink more coffee than anyone should, really. But we’re doing it for you.

Small-batch Roasting

We roast coffee in batches of 60 lbs or less, allowing for carefully controlled roasts. We use Cropster‘s roasting software to digitally monitor and catalog each batch to ensure quality and consistency. We crank sweet tunes all day long to make sure the coffee is as cool as possible before it arrives.

Delivered fresh.

We roast anywhere from 3-5 days per week. Our green coffee selections are always in season, well sorted and stored with care. Our batches are small and packaged the same day as roasted to help ensure peak freshness.


Small Farm Grown.

As an independent and family-owned business, we understand the pride a small farmer takes in their craft. Unlike large-scale strip-harvest farms, independent community cooperatives and independent operations (often farming 6 hectares or less) have the ability—and the incentive—to be more deliberate and consistent about the quality of their work. Like the finest estate wines, coffees from individual farms and microlots can exhibit completely unique flavors, textures and aromas in the cup. Our work with farms, coops and specialty importers allows us to seek out fantastic, top-quality coffees—from every annual harvest and in every coffee-producing region of the world. It’s a pretty cool job.

Honestly Traded.

We believe in sustainable farming practices, relationship-based sourcing and fair pay for producers. In the last 25 years, certifications like “Fair Trade” and “Organic” have done an amazing job of raising awareness and improving lives and ecology in the coffee-producing world. However, the high price and long process of these titles make them unattainable for many small producers. By developing tangible relationships with importers, coops and farmers who share our values, we believe it is possible to look beyond the certifications and gain a far more comprehensive understanding of the coffees we source. The price we pay to producers has always been above and beyond the Fair Trade minimum. These increased revenues provide a basis for commercial and ecological sustainability, and improve the standard of living throughout an entire community. Our philosophy puts more money in the hands of actual producers, resulting in a product that’s honestly better, for everyone.


We are conscious of the risks that a massive global industry like coffee can pose, from both environmental and humanitarian perspectives. In that spirit, we take great efforts to minimize waste, keep our processes clean and ensure our supply chains are sustainable. Below are just some of the organizations and global initiatives we have partnered with to help combat some of these dangers.

De la Gente, an NGO that works to improve lives in Guatemalan coffee-producing communities via communication, business and agritourism.

We also support the future of sustainable coffee by giving financially to World Coffee Research.


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