Costa Rica – Cafe Vida

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Washed Process


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Origin: Tarrazu

Elevation: 1200–1900 masl (meters above sea level)

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Washed coffees from Costa Rica are usually processed using mechanical demucilaging machines rather than through a process of depulping-fermenting-washing: This is due to the fact that the national coffee authority, ICAFE, enforces strict regulations regarding the amount of water that can be used in coffee production. Coffee cherries are typically demucilaged the same day they are harvested, and dried on patios or mechanically.

Cafe Vida is our signature Costa Rican coffee, capturing the classic characteristics of a washed, Costa Rican, coffee: sweetness and soft acidity, toasted nuts and balance.

The cup: Mellow and sweet with citric acidity, praline, almond, and fresh coffee cherry flavors.