Featured: Testi Adorsi


Ground Cherry – Cardamom – Peach


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Roast Level:  Light

Farm: Boji Washing Station

Region: Idido, Yirgacheffe

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Altitude: 1950 – 2150 masl

Processing Method: Natural process, dried on raised beds

Since the early days of True Stone, we’ve had a unassailable soft spot for Natural Process coffees from Yirgacheffe, the O.G. process from the O.G. origin – probably the closest we’ll ever get to the first cup of coffee ever brewed.

This years lot comes from Cafe Imports’ washing-station partners at Testi Adorsi, in the village of Idido, nestled in the Yirgacheffe highlands.  It serves around 500 area smallholder farmers, who deliver ripe cherry to the Gersi collection point, where it is dried, processed, bagged and sold as a community lot. This particular batch was dried on raised beds for 15–18 days, accentuating the syrupy-sweet fruit notes and soft body that makes these coffees special.


Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony from Cafe Imports on Vimeo.