Featured: Nyeri Hill, Kenya


Peach – Rose – Cinnamon


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Roast Level:  Light

Farm: Nyeri Hill Estate

Region: Nyeri

Varietal: SL34, SL28, Riuru 11

Altitude: 1500 M

Processing Method: Fully washed, dried on raised African-style beds

Kenya time is one of the most wonderful times of the year. This season’s offering is from 0ne of the first coffee farms established in eastern Africa, Nyeri Hill Estate, founded in 1914). Located two kilometers northwest of the town of Nyeri, the capital of the region of the same name, located on the slopes and highlands of Mt. Kenya

344 of the estates Hectares are devoted to coffee cultivation, where 300 employees harvest three well known and highly regarded varietals: SL28, SL34 and Riuru 11. SL28 and SL34, cultivars developed by Scott Laboratories in the 1930’s, are unique in that they were both selected from single trees in Kenya. Despite their extremely high quality potential, these varieties are also susceptible to common coffee diseases. In contrast, Riuru 11, which makes up over 18 percent of the estate’s total production, is a varietal known for its resistance to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease.

What results is a classic example of everything we love about Kenya, big tangy fruits, delicate floral and long, unrefined sweetness that carries through the whole sip. Bada Bing!