Featured – Kichwa Tembo


Candied Peach – Cherry Tomato – Rosemary


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Roast Level:  Light

Region: Lake Kivu, Eastern Congo

Farm: Smallholders contributing to Kenyan exchanges

Varietal: Bourbon Varietals

Altitude: SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11

Processing Method: Washed, Dried on raised beds

Kichwa Tembo (translated as “Elephant Head”) is a signature offering from Cafe Imports, sourced and blended from several farmholders, all of whom meet the quality threshold to earn the designation. This Kenya offers everything we love about the origin, bright fruits, hearty and complex savory notes (think floral herbs and sweet tomato), and a creamy, coating body.

We love working with Cafe Imports and supporting their efforts to award premium prices to a greater number of smallholders through regional programs like Kichwa Tembo. Happy Drinking!