PRODUCER SELECT 009 – Timoteo Minas


Cantaloupe – Cherry hard candy – hibiscus



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Region:  Volcán de Agua

Farm: San Miguel Escobar Cooperative

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Altitude: 1500+ M

Processing Method: Natural

The San Miguel Escobar district sits at the base of El Volcan de Agua, one of three active volcanoes that dominate the surrounding Antigua valley. Named for a catastrophic 16th-century mudflow that destroyed the then-capitol of Guatemala, its southwestern slopes are dotted with dozens of small, family-run farms. The valley’s temperate climate, with its steady moisture and crisp, cool nights, is well known for producing some of the finest high-altitude coffees in the world.

Our friend, Timoteo Minas serves as head of the SME Cooperative, and always separates a bit of his personal harvest to process naturally, just for us!

This coffee is just one result of our partnership with De La Gente, an NGO working with small coffee-producing communities across Guatemala to improve growing conditions and economic viability. DLG-represented coffee from Huehuetenango is also featured in our MPLS espresso.