Guatemala – Timoteo Minas – PRODUCER SELECT

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Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes: Sweet – Delicate – Floral

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Location:  Antigua, Guatemala

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1650 M

Processing Method: Natural

The latest from our Producer Select series, in which we focus on rare, unique and delicious coffees from some of the most sought-after producers on the planet:

We are elated to offer once more this exclusive natural-process microlot from Timoteo Minas, head of the Cafe Artesenal San Miguel Cooperative. Timo takes impeccable care of his small coffee farm at the base of El Volcan de Agua, one of three storied volcanoes in the Antigua region. He and his family produce some of the finest washed-processed coffees in the region, and sell them worldwide through their partnership with De La Gente, an NGO focused on empowering small coffee-producing communities across Guatemala.

We met Timo during a visit to San Miguel Escobar in 2015, where he let us cup a small experimental batch of coffee he’d processed naturally. We’re always giddy to try a new fruity natural, and this one was a stellar standout. We liked it so much, we promised to buy as much as he could produce! Ever since, Timo has set aside one small batch of cherries to fruit-dry and sell exclusively to True Stone Coffee each harvest.

Please join us in enjoying this one-of-a-kind fruit bomb. Its one of our favorite arrivals of the year.