SCA Coffee Skills Courses

Our SCA-certified training campus offers accredited classes in both brewing and espresso. These intensive 1-3 day, small-group courses are intended for coffee professionals at a range of experience and skill level who want to pursue and develop their coffee careers.

Professional Development

We offer a variety of consultation services and learning opportunities specifically tailored to coffee professionals, from basic training to menu development, latte art, customer service and more, all free of charge to wholesale partners. Get in touch with us, and we’ll figure out what you need.

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Espresso Technique


Hey, whats that thing called? We’ll tell you. And we’ll show you some basic mechanics, station setup, workflow, breakdown and clean up.

Perfecting the shot

Order of operations. Consistency. Mastery of the grind. They’re all crucial to the craft. We’ll show techniques for discerning quality, and the proper use of adjustments when necessary.

Putting it all together

We’ll go beyond espresso to discuss drink building, milk steaming, latte art and whatever else you might want to know.

Brewing and coffee science

Understanding extraction

Extraction is the final step in a long process from coffee cherry to coffee cup. By understanding the factors that affect it, from terroir to processing method to roast profile and beyond, we can design an ideal brewing method and recipe for any coffee.

Method and technique

Pour-over or immersion? Fine grind or coarse? Coffee to water ratio? Brew time? These are the decisions one must make on a brew by brew basis. With practice and proper technique, you can produce world class cups from your home kitchen.

Perfect your craft.

Being in full control of your brew can be a blessing and a curse. We’ll give you tips for developing your sensory perception of coffee, tasting the difference between extraction and concentration, and ways to manipulate future brews as needed.

Cupping and sensory analysis

Why we cup

Cupping is the industry standard procedure used to sample, grade and select coffees. By tasting the beans at their most transparent state, we can locate defects more easily, as well as isolate desirable characteristics worth accentuating in final production roasts.

Develop your palate

Learn a few common tips and techniques for fully experiencing all the sensory aspects of a brewed coffee, and how the of isolation particular flavors, textures and aromas can help us better evaluate a coffee’s quality.

A common language

Every palate is different, and we all enjoy coffee in a slightly different way. But through proper calibration and the use of well-established terminology, we can more easily discuss our experience with the coffee nerds around us.

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