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True Stone Coffee Roasters

Blueprint Blend

Blueprint Blend

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The Cup: Cherry, Glazed Donut, Nutmeg

Roast: Light

Origins: Rotating American, African and Indonesian origins

Introducing Blueprint Blend - the perfect harmony of delicious flavor and artisanal craft! Our signature blend combines premium Arabica beans from America, Africa, and Indonesia to create a delicious combination of cherry, glazed donut, and nutmeg tasting notes.

Whether you're a connoisseur or someone who just likes quality coffee, Blueprint Blend is sure to please your palate! You'll get lost in savoring the smooth combination of delightful notes created by our inspirational blend. We've taken extra care when creating this unique product - benefit from that loving attention each time you brew a cup! Join us on the journey for new flavor possibilities with Blueprint Blend and enjoy a truly extraordinary experience.

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