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Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend

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Roast Level: Medium

Origins: Colombia, Tanzania

How to make Cold Brew:

1) Grind on the coarsest setting

2) Immerse in 4-5 oz cool, fresh water per 1 oz of coffee

3) Brew at room temperature for 14-18 hours

4) Strain. Dilute 50% Concentrate to 50% Water . Enjoy!

Ahh, what a feeling! Get ready for an intense and refreshing experience with our Cold Brew Blend. Our signature blend of Colombian and Tanzanian beans is sure to turn your everyday cuppa joe into something extraordinary. With the perfect medium roast level, you'll be greeted with earthy notes that slowly fade into subtle sweetness. Plus, with our easy-to-follow steps on how to cold brew, you can make it right at home. So take a break from ordinary coffee and give our Cold Brew Blend a try — it's sure to be the perfect cup every time.

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