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Colombia - Gran Galope

Colombia - Gran Galope

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The Cup: Mandarin Orange, Peach, Green Grape

Roast: Light

Region:  Huila

Source: 10-30 Various Small Farm Owners

Varietal: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

Altitude: 1200-2100 MASL

Processing Method: Washed

Introducing Gran Galope, the Excelso grade coffee from Huila, Colombia! With flavors like Mandarin Orange, Peach, and Green Grape, this coffee was made from beans sourced from 10-30 small farm owners – giving you a peak into the real Colombian cultivation experience. The varietal is Colombia, Castillo, and Caturra, grown at altitudes ranging from 1200-2100 MASL, and then cupped in Popayán. So whether you’re looking to start your day with a bit of adventure or finish it with a delicious cup of Colombian culture, be sure to try our Gran Galope today!

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