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True Stone Coffee Roasters

Blends - 3 Pack

Blends - 3 Pack

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Introducing True Stone Coffee's Signature Blends Pack – a unique collection of three coffees with distinct flavors, ideal for exploring the world of specialty coffee. Each bag contains 100% Arabica beans in three different roasts: Blueprint (light roast), True Stone (medium roast), and Euro Blend (dark roast).

Begin your adventure with Blueprint. This light roast has nutty notes and a sweet toasty aroma. It is a favorite of people who appreciate the nuances in each sip. For those who like to explore the depths of flavor, we have True Stone (medium roast). This dynamic blend has floral and cocoa flavor tones with a smooth finish. Finally, Euro Blend– our dark Roast – stands out from all others with its full-bodied strength and bold flavor profile. Notes of deep chocolate accompany a robust taste suitable for any caffeine aficionado.

True Stone Coffees Signature Blends Pack offers you an unbeatable variety of unique profiles – perfect for any palate or preference! With this bundle, you will never be without delicious options to satisfy your craving for something fresh and flavorful. Get creative with each cup- brew it hot or craft iced drinks that will refresh you no matter what season it is!

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